The ViperBots Friends and Family (VFF) is the official booster club for the Vandegrift High School (VHS) ViperBots robotics teams located in Austin, TX.  The booster club is run and organized by the parents of students in the ViperBots program and community supporters.  If your student is a ViperBot, then you are a member of the VFF booster club.

VFF works together with the ViperBots Faculty Sponsors to support the robotics teams in numerous ways including:

  • Raising funds and purchasing personal property and services to be used by students and faculty of the VHS ViperBots Robotics program;Providing volunteers for educational and extracurricular activities;
  • Engaging in other charitable, civic, or educational activities that will contribute to the public education of the community; and
  • Exercising other powers conferred by the laws of Texas on nonprofit corporations.

VFF has a board of directors, elected yearly as positions become vacant, responsible for managing the affairs of the VFF.  The 2017-2018 VFF Board includes:

Position Person Email
President Gloria Dholakia
Treasurer Shalene Adrian
Secretary Martha Moring
VP Communications

Volunteer Chair

Suzanne Galligher
VP Fundraising Pam Province
VP Hospitality Joyce Hofstadler
VP Outreach Beverly Navas
VP Purchasing Quang Le
VFF Board All Board Members
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