The first League meet of the season took place on Saturday November 12, 2016, and it was the first ever league-based event for the Austin area and the ViperBots.  A league meet can be thought of like a smaller, competition-focused qualifier in that there are only 12-18 teams in a league and all they do is compete on the field.  There is no judging or engineering notebook review until the League Championship (this year it will be January 21st).

Normally leagues are self-governed in that between 12-18 teams get together and decide they want to cooperate and hold at least three league meets and then a Championship event.  Because of the density of teams in Austin, a number of teams and coaches have banded together to create the Austin Metro League, which is actually four leagues.  This year the league names are the suits like a card deck:  Hearts, Spades, Clubs and Diamonds.

In past years’ we were holding scrimmages in November, with the real competition starting in early December, but this year the leagues started earlier because we needed to be completed with the Championship by late January.  Fitting in four competitions meant we had to start with the first one in November.  All of the ViperBots teams were ready, even with the compressed time lines, and made a great showing!

Teams 7161 Hydra and 6299 QuadX competed in the morning in the Spades league.  Team 6210 Stryke competed in the afternoon all alone in the [lonely] Hearts league, and the rest of the ViperBots competed in the afternoon in the Diamonds league.  It was a random distribution, but four of the ViperBots still ended up in the same league together.

Morning League

The day started with ViperBot against ViperBot as teams 7161 Hydra and 6299 QuadX battled it out in a nail biter that had Hydra just edging out QuadX by 5 points!  For their third match of the day they were in an alliance together and crushed their opponents with a score of 90 to 55, with 60 of those points coming from Autonomous.  That was the highest Autonomous score of the day, with it only coming up one other time in the last match of the morning and, again QuadX in the alliance that scored it.  When all was said and done, Hydra and QuadX finished in the top 2 spots with Hydra being undefeated and QuadX only losing that first match when they went head to head!

Afternoon League

The first match of the Diamonds league had 6209 Venom dominating their opponents in a 70-0 match, followed by another ViperBot against ViperBot matchup with 4545 Ouroboros and 11503 Hyperfang taking on 4546 Snakebyte, with the win going to 4545 and 11503.  Match 5 had Venom paired up with 8424 E-Cubed from Canyon Ridge Middle School against 4546 Snakebyte with Venom and E-Cubed posting the highest score of the day for all of the leagues at 100 unpenalized points!

The only successful cap ball deployment of the entire day came in match 5 on the Hearts league with 6210 Stryke capping its center vortex in splendid fashion!  Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to win that match for them as their opponent eked out 15 more total points to take the win, but it was a very impressive feat.

At the end of the afternoon, in Hearts Stryke was in 7th place with 2 wins on the day.  In Diamonds we had Hyperfang in 2nd place followed by Venom in 3rd, with 4 wins each; followed in 7th place by Ouroboros with 3 wins and finally Snakebyte in 11th place with 1 one on the day.

It was a great showing for all ViperBots and all the more impressive given how early it is in the season.

Their next showing is in three weeks, on Saturday December 3rd with Diamonds and Hearts playing in the morning and Spades in the afternoon.

Come out and cheer them onto victory!

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First Meet of the Season!
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