Each organization is driven by the individuals who believe in their mission and vision.  ViperBots, in conjunction with Faculty Sponsors and the VFF Board, are already hard at work on the road to make that mission and vision a reality.  It literally takes a village of volunteers to support an award-winning robotics program.  Volunteers are priceless and their impact is tremendous – much the same as that of donors of financial gifts.

We need every single parent to help make this year’s ViperBots competitive season a success!  Don’t think “someone else” can help out or “someone else” will do that.  Think “I can help out,” and “I will do that,” because that’s what the ViperBots need to be their best.  A group this size requires a tremendous amount of parent involvement to allow our faculty sponsors and students to concentrate on what they do best: administer, design, program and build world competition-class robots!   We can lead by example. Won’t you join us?

Volunteer roles include:

Event Volunteer (non-FTC)
FTC Event Volunteers
Hospitality / Banquet planning
Spirit Wear

Do the ViperBot Volunteer Two Step:  Register as a Volunteer

Sign up to be an approved volunteer! There are TWO STEPS to volunteering with the ViperBots:

  • Register with Leander ISD.
  • Register with FIRST to volunteer at Central Texas FIRST events.

Who should register?

All of us! If you’re providing snacks, mentoring students, helping in the robotics lab, taking photographs, soliciting donations, doing publicity…you should register!

Why do we have to register with FIRST if we’re already approved by LISD?

FIRST now requires that all volunteers register with their Volunteer Registration system (previously VIMS).  ViperBots will host one to two FTC Austin events each season. To do this successfully, we’ll need everyone!

When should you start?

Now. Do it now!

How do you get started with the ViperBots Volunteer Two-Step? 

Use the instructions that follow.


STEP 1: Register with Leander ISD

LISD will run a background check on all volunteers to ensure the safety and security of all district students.

  1. Browse to How to become an LISD Volunteer
  2. If you are a first-time volunteer with LISD, complete and submit the *NEW* Raptor Volunteer Application
  3. If you are a returning volunteer, login at www.v-volunteer.com and update your account.

Note: LISD processing time typically is 2-3 business days. They will notify you when you are approved.


STEP 2: Register with FIRST

Due to a huge push to make sure all kids participating in FIRST are protected, FIRST now requires everyone to register using their Volunteer Registration system (formerly VIMS). They will run a background check on all volunteers.

  1. Browse to the following site:  Volunteer Registration
  2. Use the Volunteer Registration User Guide for help navigating the FIRST volunteer registration system.

Note: When you get to the Volunteer Role Applications page, if there are no events yet available then just skip that for now.

What do you do if you have problems?

Contact ViperBots Communications (communicationsATviperbotsboosters.org) with questions about the process. We’ll do our best to help.

What else should you do?

Accept our heartfelt thanks for being amazing volunteers and for supporting the Vandegrift Robotics program.  Get ready for another outstanding season!

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