65 rookies from first-year ViperBots to feeder middle school FTC teams attended a summer rookie camp July 31 through August 4.  The camp, hosted by veteran ViperBots, gave rookies an overview of FTC in the areas of hardware, software, marketing, engineering notebook, judging and CAD.  Rookies attended basic sessions on each of these areas to give a general understanding of all aspects of robotics.  Rookies were then split into groups based on the primary role they will fulfill in the upcoming season and took advanced sessions on those topics.

All the rookies were assigned to small teams and worked all week putting their skills to the test by designing, building and competing with their robots.  On Friday, they played in a mock competition which included qualifying rounds, alliance selections, elimination rounds and judging.

Take a look at this video to see the amazing time the rookies had at camp.

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ViperBots Summer Rookie Camp
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